Shellex is ISO 9001-2015 Certified

ISO Program
Code of ethics
PPA Certificate
ISO Program

The ISO quality system put in place by (and for) Shellex very well defines the homogeneity of deliverables, as well as the framework of all aspects of our mandates. In fact, our quality system governs the production of our deliverables as a whole.

The quality system of the company also ensures a revision of each deliverable by the project manager, this in order to avoid the sharing of erroneous or contradictory information.

In fact, before any plan or report can even be issued, a revision committee is put together and revises the documents. That practice results in the firm getting recognized as one with a very high level of quality.


POL-004: Our quality policy

To achieve their missions and corporate visions, Shellex Groupe Conseil Inc. undertake to implement good business practices in line with its corporate values.

Client commitment 

  • Satisfy the expressed and implicit expectations of clients within the framework of projects.
  • Provide high-level services while maintaining privileged contact with the client's stakeholders.
  • Offer effective and less costly approaches for the client.


Human capital

  • Ensure the level of competence and technical needs by relying on continuous training actions and effective and relevant recruitment.
  • Foster the development and fulfillment of its employees by promoting a healthy, pleasant, respectful, and stimulating environment for the work team.

Operational performance

  • Set up a management framework to improve the performance of the company in the execution of its projects.


In order to ensure service quality and live up to our objectives in this area, we have designed a program that lays out the main steps in carrying out a mandate. Here are those steps:


1.  Elaboration of the project description, conception criteria, requirements, rules and regulations in effect, particular norms and instructions, etc.; 3.  Planning of deliverable goods, based on the pre-determined deadline;
2.  Assignment of tasks, based on the skills and experience of the manpower available; 4.  Reviewing of the workplan by the Accounts manager, so as to establishing the evaluation steps allowing the surest respect of the process.
1.  Elaboration of the project description, conception criteria, requirements, rules and regulations in effect, particular norms and instructions, etc.;
2.  Assignment of tasks, based on the skills and experience of the manpower available;
3.  Planning of deliverable goods, based on the pre-determined deadline;
4.  Reviewing of the workplan by the Accounts manager, so as to establishing the evaluation steps allowing the surest respect of the process.



The program outlines the follow-up on the progression of the mandate, in collaboration with the provider of work, thus allowing to adapt it to any particular situations that may arise.


Our main preoccupations are:

  • Deliverable conformity
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Client satisfaction
  • Respecting laws
  • Staying within budget
  • Environmental impacts
  • Conformité des livrables
  • Respect de l’échéancier
  • Satisfaction du client
  • Respect des lois
  • Respect des budgets
  • Impacts environnementaux

Processes of design

The experience of our team allows us to create optimal processes of design, which are thoroughly in line with the requirements of the industry.


Our awareness of and history with the activities ahead of us makes us competent, which thus ensures that we could quickly get into action, if need be.


Our administrative staff is also professional, competent and available and can ensure immediate and efficient assistance.  We are then in a position where we can provide efficient deliverable goods that meet the criteria of quality that our clientele is entitled to expect. And when their services are required, Shellex also makes sure that its sub-contractors do quality work and are highly skilled.


Our collaborators are people of experience who have greatly proven themselves and have conformed to all the rules governing their profession.

Code of ethics

Shellex Groupe Conseil has put in place a code of ethics and conduct (hereafter referred to as “The Code”), which applies to all employees, whether contractual, temporary, full- or part-time, as well as administrators, managers and shareholders. The Code must be applied under all circumstances and without exception. When dealing with it, suppliers and partners of Shellex Groupe Conseil are also required to abide by the provisions of the said Code.

The Code may not be considered or used as a substitute for any legal, regulatory, or ethical provisions that may apply. All must abide by all laws and rules that are in effect. In case of discrepancy between the applicable professional-practice codes (Code of ethics of engineers,  for example) and the present Code, the strictest norm must be applied.

Employee responsibilities

AsShellex Groupe Conseil employees, we must know the present Code and understand how it applies to our own work. That is part of our professional obligations. Among our responsibilities, we must:

  • Get acquainted with, promote and respect The Code;
  • Do our work and go about our professional activities while respecting ethics and laws and showing exemplary integrity;
  • Have model conduct;
  • Create a culture that encourages discussion and reflection around ethical questions;
  • Seek advice or help when confronted with a difficult ethical situation;
  • Quickly take action, when necessary, and report unethical or questionable behaviors to an authority figure;
  • Treat others with respect;
  • Protect the confidentiality of personal information;
  • Avoid conflicts of interests;
  • Respect the organization.

Responsibilities specific to associates

As Associates, beyond our basic employee responsibilities, we also play a crucial role in upholding the reputation of integrity, honesty and respect of the organization’s code of conduct. Associates must therefore:

  • Lead by example, with their words and actions, and show ethical leadership, by abiding by The Code under any circumstances;
  • Thoroughly know The Code and actively promoting its application at the workplace;
  • Send clear and coherent messages;
  • Encourage open communications;
  • Clear with us that all employees do have access to The Code and that they know and understand its content, and adhere to its principles;
  • Foster and maintain a work climate favorable to ethical guidelines;
  • Promote a work environment based on openness, and where problems may be addressed and discussed withour fear of reprisals;
  • Protect any individual having reported a violation to The Code;
  • Quickly take unequivocal, disciplinary measures in case of established transgression of The Code;
  • Reiterate to us that employees do understand that performance is never more important than respecting The Code.

Shellex Groupe Conseil lies upon five great values, which reflect our organizational culture. Those values must consistently guide our actions, in order to make the best ethical decisions.

  • INTEGRITY : Exercising transparency and ethics in our business relations and in every facet of our operations.
  • RESPECT : Being open to the different opinions and ways of doing things of our employees, clients, and partners.
  • TEAM SPIRIT : Favorising a climate of collaboration and support to ensure success.
  • COMMITMENT : Investing the required efforts to ensure the development of our resources and the success of our projects, regardless of their nature or scope.
  • EXCELLENCE : Reaching above-expectation results through competence, rigor, and efficiency.
  • Instilling and maintaining a work atmosphere that is favorable to respecting company ethics ;

Surrounding those values are qualities valorized by the firm, vis-à-vis its resources :

  • Client satisfaction : Client satisfaction entails living up to our commitments, performing high-quality work, and communicating frankly, directly and courteously with clients. It is also crucial to mobilize the workteam the right way, in order to facilitate project delivery.
  • Professionalism : Professionalism is all about exercizing great rigor, leaning on one’s skills, and presenting work and deliverables of irreproachable quality, while also meeting deadlines. It is also about nurturing a relation of trust with our clients.
  • Social responsibility : Social responsibility equates to carrying out projects that integrate the best practices, in terms of durable development, lowering the environmental impacts of our activities through recycling, energy-saving, and using/wasting less paper in general. Lastly, social responsibility is also to favor the positive contribution of SHELLEX GROUPE CONSEIL to society through our steady support of organizations and projects of social nature.

Conduct or ethics?

Conduct and ethics are intertwined, in that they aim at the same goal : governing ourselves in such a way that we can have harmonious dealings with (associates, employees, clients, suppliers, and partners), each in their own personal way.

édraws the line between what may or may not be done in a professional context in particular or as part of a profession. It lies upon the general rules of conduct that an organization may give itself, imposing standards of conduct upon its employees and Management. While ethics, on the other hand, refers to the core values of an organization, which lead to an ethical conduct that is driven by those values.

Ethics implies a well thought-out decision based on a reflection over the consequences (positive or negative) of the next order of action, whether on oneself, on others, or on the environment, and this, as per the organizational values.

What is a conflict of interests ?

A conflict of interests exists when facing a situation where the employee, partner, client, or supplier favors their personal interests -- or those of a close one --, at the detriment of those of Shellex Groupe Conseil.

What is an apparent conflict of interests ?

The appearance of conflict of interests is all about perception. One may think it is the case, in situations where there is a presumption of someone being influenced and trying to act in their personal interests -- or those of a close one --, rather than the best interests of Shellex Groupe Conseil. There can then be an apparent conflict of interests, even though, in fact, there is no actual conflict of interests.

The Code, on one hand, outlines the expected principles and practices and, on the other hand, encourages the reflections and adoption of ethical conduct. The Code centers around four (4) great principles to be integrated into day-to-day operations :

1. Instiling and maintaining a work climate that is based on respect.
2. Exercizing and promoting fair, responsible, and appropriate business practices.
3. Favoring and leading by exemplary conduct with clients and other business partners.
4. Adequately using and protecting the goods, information and resources of the organization.

Instilling and maintaining a work climate that is based on respect

Employment practices

Shellex Groupe Conseil treats all its employees with equity, ethics, respect, and dignity. We therefore act in an equitable way, be it during the hiring process, remuneration, social benefits, promotions and disciplinary measures. In the same vein, we do not discriminate based on age, gender, sexual orientation, invalidity, religion, citizenship, marital status, family situation, country of origin, physical appearance, union affiliation, political views, or ethnicity. However, Shellex Groupe Conseil reserves the right to determine the aptitudes and qualities required for employment with the firm.

Harrassment and violence at the workplace

Shellex Groupe Conseil has a zero-tolerance policy towards harrassment, abuse, violence, intimidation, or threats (physical or verbal). Shellex Groupe Conseil strives to offer its staff members a respectful and pleasant work climate and takes all necessary measures to efficiently settle problematic situations when those arise. We then commit to support our employees  in such instances, by leading by example in terms of conduct, avoiding making comments, or doing other actions likely to offend or humiliate the employee.

Health and safety

Shellex Groupe Conseil has the responsibility to provide its employees with a safe and healthy work environment. However, it is up to the latter to engage in responsible behavior, when it comes to health and safety at the workplace. We must all work together and contribute to keeping the work environment safe and healthy.

Obligation of loyalty, honesty, caution, and diligence of managers

As part of their mandate, managers at Shellex Groupe Conseil have to contribute to the fulfillment of the company’s mission. That managerial contribution has to be in line with the Law, and made with loyalty, honesty, caution, and diligence.

Instilling and promoting fair, responsible, and appropriate business practices

Conflicts of interests

Conflicts of interests may greatly tarnish the image of Shellex Groupe Conseil  and its employees, and have serious economic and legal consequences. It is important that we be able to detect and flag such situations, and do everything in our power to avoid them, eand in such cases, to always declare them and provide them with a framework.

The best way to act is with caution and vigilance, while always asking ourselves questions, and carefully handling any situation that could be misinterpreted. Therefore, before accepting any mandate and performing any professional act, we must make sure that a verification upon existing or potential conflicts of interests has been or gets done. After all, we could always be implicated in a conflict of interests. In such a case, we must immediately report it to our supervisor or to an associate,  this without fear of reprisal. The situation will then be handled accordingly, through well-deployed mecanisms of framework.

The existence of a conflict of interests (or appearance of) does not forcibly constitute an infraction. What does, however, is not to say anything, not acting with caution and vigilance, in order to avoid such a conflict, profiting from it, or not taking the necessary measures to stand clear of any possible conflict of interests.

Receiving and solliciting for gifts, invitations, benefits and shows of hospitality

DGenerally speaking, directly or indirectly, we should never accept gifts, invitations or other perks and benefits stemming from activities linked to our tasks and responsibilities. It is however possible that a partner, supplier or client wishes to give us a present or a show of hospitality. Those must imperatively be mere expressions of sincere gratitude on the other party’s part (on a job well done, for example), and NOT meant to influence business one way or another.

To preserve our impartiality, we must have a very restrictive interpretation of gifts, invitations, and acceptable shows of hospitality, by limiting them to the following elements :

  • Donations of goods of modest value (under $50) and not recurring;
  • Souvenir or promotional items of modest value (under $50 $);
  • Door prizes randomly drawn, won during symposiums, congresses, etc.;
  • Invitations to business luncheons, seminar-symposiums, sporting-cultural-social events, linked to our work and of use to Shellex Groupe Conseil. In all cases, we must at all times cover (pay) the costs associated with our presence at such activities, if they exceed $50.

If the gift could not qualify as "modest", we must not hesitate to return it or turn it down. That refusal allows Shellex Groupe Conseil to remain honest in the eye of our business partners and the public in general. It is expected, of course, that we explain the reasons of such a refusal in a courteous manner.

In the name of equity, it is understood that a gift or show of hospitality acceptable to Shellex Groupe Conseil shall be randomly drawn among the colleagues. Of course, we may not sollicit for gifts, invitations, or other benefits, including money, goods or services, discounts, working for free, loans of money, material, or equipment, on a preferential basis.

Activities and political contributions

We may engage into legitimate political activities after working hours, on condition that human, financial or material resources of Shellex Groupe Conseil not be used as part of those activities. For example, the use of Shellex Groupe Conseil goods for political purposes, such as telephones or photocopy machines, is strictly prohibited. A donation or official support to whatever political party in Shellex Groupe Conseil‘s name is strictly forbidden.

Also, before even getting involved in a political activity, we must notify the Shellex Groupe Conseil Board of Directors, and always exercize rigor, so as to avoiding any possible conflict of interests. Lastly, it is mandatory to comply with all applicable laws regulating contributions to political parties.

Secondary job and incompatible activities

We ought to abstain from being part of professional activities that could turn out being conflictual or incompatible with our employment at Shellex Groupe Conseil. We are, however, free to do what we want, outside working hours. It is possible, for exemple, to profit from skills and experience acquired through Shellex Groupe Conseil, as part of other jobs or professional activities that we will do away from the workplace and outside working hours. We then need to make sure our other professional activities will not eventually clash (or risk thereof) or create any actual or apparent conflict with the activities, values, and mission of Shellex Groupe Conseil or with our ability to perform our tasks within the organization. Furthermore, Shellex Groupe Conseil Board of Directors members must declare their other administrator functions and significant professional activities that are not linked to Shellex Groupe Conseil.

Anti-corruption measures and bribes

Shellex Groupe Conseil strictly forbids any form of corruption. We must not, directly or indirectly, accept, offer, promise, grant, or authorize the payment of bribes, corrupt payments, or whatever else that may be perceived as such (gifts, sports or entertainment tickets, jobs, contracts, or perks of whatever nature) to a third party (competitor, government and public authorities, or other partner), with the aim of getting a contract, drawing improper advantages or keeping a market.

NWe all have the responsibility of learning to identify corruption when we see it, and to make sure that we don’t get tied up in any such activity, directly or indirectly.

Instilling and favoring exemplary conduct with clients and other business partners

Respect of The Code by all the partners...

Shellex Groupe Conseil advocates and always puts forward respectful, honest, transparent, and equitable rapports with its business partners (clients, suppliers, competitors, governments and other stakeholders). We want to collaborate and work with partners who share our values and our culture of integrity. That is why we expect of our partners to adopt and live by practices that are in line with The Code, and that the partners :

  • Respect the laws and rules into effect ;
  • Abstain from paying or solliciting bribes or perks, or engage into other forms of corruption ;
  • Take on the responsibility of preserving the health and safety of their staff ;
  • Seek to promote and favor durable development ;
  • Make sure they go about their activities while respecting the environment ;
  • Are on board with our commitment to quality work, and put into effect the favorable conditions to reach that level of quality.
Relation with government and lobbying

Some of us are called upon to deal with government organizations, be it at the federal, provincial, or municipal levels, or with local administrations. In doing so, it is imperative to know and respect the particular rules that govern relations with them, namely in terms of lobbying. In certain cases, the mere action of communicating with an elected official or other influential public servant could be dubbed as lobbying. It then becomes our individual responsibility to meet the requirements of registration and declaration, and to notify the party in charge of ethical matters of all our lobbying activities.

Social media and blogs

Most of us are active on social media (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and/or run a blog that we feed ourselves. Though we use those outside working hours, we remain employees of Shellex Groupe Conseil. On this basis, we must be vigilant, so that our personal interventions on the Internet always be expressions of respect and loyalty, and that those could not, in any way, tarnish the reputation of Shellex Groupe Conseil and that of its stakeholders.

Using adequately and protecting the goods, information, and resources of the organization

Using goods and resources of the organization

NAt all times must we use tangible (computers, worktools, etc.) and intangible (logos, names, know-how, etc.) material of Shellex Groupe Conseil solely for the use for which they were destined. Using certain goods and services that belong to Shellex Groupe Conseil (software, telephones, computers, etc.) for personal use, in some circumstances, is no issue, inasmuch as that use is moderate, occasional and does not hinder work (for example, printing out a concert ticket or cooking recipe). It is preferable to turn to your supervisor if the use of such goods raises doubts and/or eyebrows. A responsible and reasonable use will enable ALL to continue enjoying this advantage.

Confidential information

The oath of loyalty towards Shellex Groupe Conseil, gives us no choice but to keep confidential all the information with which we are/have been in contact through the course of our employment at Shellex Groupe Conseil and thereafter, if we have left the company.In order to preserve the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information, whether it is contained in various technological (the Intranet, computer network, etc.) or physical (file cabinets, drawers, etc.) locations, we must protect all personal info and details, as well as internal and external work documents, through security measures, based on the level of confidentiality of the information in question.

Privacy protection

Shellex Groupe Conseil respects the privacy and dignity of its employees, clients and partners. With this in mind, Shellex Groupe Conseil saves and protects only the personal information deemed necessary for company management or required by law. In our end, we cannot divulge personal info about a colleague, client or partner, except for professional reasons (taxes, personal endeavors, etc.). We must then avoid discussing the personal info of an employee with a colleague of theirs or random people, out in public.

Internet and e-mail

The use of e-mail, local network, the Internet, means of telecommunication, or other equipment linked to computer systems that belong to Shellex Groupe Conseil is strictly prohibited for engaging into illegal activities, pornography, or anything that could jeopardize the integrity or reputation of Shellex Groupe Conseil and its partners, as well as the permanence of the network. Moreover, during working hours, the use of those tools is strictly reserved for professional reasons.

Handling of ethics at Shellex Groupe Conseil

Governing council and Management

The Governing Council and Management at Shellex Groupe Conseil make sure they :

  • Exercize exemplary conduct and ethical leadership at all times ;
  • Approve The Code and Program ;
  • Make final decisions on any violations to The Code.
Ethics and governance committee

The ethics and governance committee has the responsibility to :

  • Revise and supervise The Code and Program ;
  • Watch over the application of The Code, by providing expertise in the arbitration cases of certain conflicts ;
  • If necessary, call upon an external professional in ethics who shall provide the necessary expertise to handling more complex situations ;
  • Watch over communication, training and awareness with all employees, as to the content of The Code, the consistent interpretation of it, and the coherence of the imposed corrective measures, in case of derogation ;
  • Take note and analyse any violations to The Code ;
  • Conditional to the applicable confidentiality, handle touchy cases of major violations to The Code ;
  • At the annual assembly of associates, submit a report and directly answer any questions pertaining to ethics and governance.
Measures of ethics-related control put in place
  • Formal declaration of adherence to The Code (upon hiring) for all employees and associates ;
  • Protocol to be followed, to make sure the documentation pertinent to ethics be handed to every new employee ;
  • Annual declaration of interests for all associates and administrators ;
  • Background check (according to available information) of all new hires, nominees to the Board of Directors, and associates ;
  • Putting in place of a person (internally) in charge of ethics at Shellex Groupe Conseil ;
  • Formal procedure of reporting behaviors not in line with company ethics ;
  • Updating our Program of ethics and conformity as per ethical risks ;
  • Publishing of The Code and our values on the Shellex Groupe Conseil. website.

Should The Code not be enough to help you settle an ethical issue or solve a dilemma, it is recommended to start with contacting your supervisor. You may also, at all times, get in touch with the department in charge of ethical matters at Shellex Groupe Conseil.

Ethical matters at Shellex Groupe Conseil
Email :

How do I know I will not be the victim of reprisals?

No employee who, out of good faith, reports a possible violation to The Code, seeks information on the subject, or seeks advice on how to go about treating such a violation shall be the object of reprisals (penalty, firing, downgrading, suspension or discrimination). Shellex Groupe Conseil will do everything in its power to make sure such situations do not come up, and will see that the culprits be reprimanded accordingly.

What are possible sanctions for violations to The Code?

Any violation to The Code shall lead to sanctions that could go as far as terminating the guilty employee. All sanctions may be applied by the Board of Directors, based on the seriousness of the said violation, while (when applicable) taking contractual commitments into account. The Code comes into play the minute the Board of Directors adopts it.

Adherence to The Code

As we begin our employment with Shellex Groupe Conseil, and for each amendment brought to The Code, we attest, in writing (see Employee Guide), that we have received and read The Code and we commit, as a condition for employment, to respect the values, principles and rules mentioned in it, as well as amendments that may eventually be brought to it.

How to live by The Code, day to day?

It is important to bear in mind that we all need to be leaders and ambassadors of ethics, in the eye of our colleagues. We then have the responsibility to read and understand the contents of The Code. We all need to put the five core values of Shellex Groupe Conseil,  into action, as well as the practices and principles presented in The Code.

PPA Certificate


July 24, 2019


4368894 CANADA INC.


No of decision: 2019-DAMP-0591
No of client: 3000784081


Object : Renewal of authorization to sign contracts with public organizations




By this document, the Public Procurement Authority (« PPA ») grants the aforementioned company, also doing business under the names COMEAU EXPERTS CONSEILS, INFRASTRUCTURES SHELLEX, SHELLEX INFRASTRUCTURES, the renewal of your authorization to sign contracts with public organizations, as defined in the Loi sur les contrats des organismes publics, RLRQ, c. C-65.1 (la « LCOP »). 4368894 CANADA INC. thus remains enrolled on the registry (governed by the PPA) of companies that are authorized to sign such contracts.


This authorization is valid until July 23, 2022, but is conditional to not getting suspensed or revoked, as per LCOP rules and standards.


Furthermore, we remind you that the LCOP, with its set of rules, establishes that you are under the obligation to inform the PPA of any changes to the information provided at the time of the request for renewal authorization.


For more information on your obligations or to consult the registry of authorized businesses, please refer to the PPA website at


Please accept, Sir, our best regards.



Chantal Hamel
Director of Eligibility, Public Procurement

525 René-Lévesque Est,
Rez-de-chaussée, bureau RC.30
Québec (Québec)  G1R 559
Téléphone sans frais :1 888 335·5550
Télécopieur sans frais : 1 888 885·0223