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  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Cities
  • Municipalities
  • Ministries
  • Promotors
  • Developers
  • Private


  • Design development studies
  • EPC and EPCM turnkey project execution
  • Project scope, budget and schedule management
  • Risk and HSE management
  • Procurement management
  • Permit application and procurement
  • Quality control and technical supervision
  • Validation, commissioning, start-up and optimization
  • Contracts and warranty management

Construction Management / Turnkey Solutions

From conception to construction, our dedication, passion, and commitment to projects is what drives us.

Project Management

Shellex Construction is responsible for all aspects of the project, including planning, budgeting, procurement, scheduling, and quality control, ensuring our clients have peace of mind.

Our dedicated teams follow projects from start to finish. At Shellex, we prioritize our client’s best interests, maintain transparency and communication, and adhere to all requirements and regulations.

Management mode by lots

This management mode consists in breaking the project into several distinct lots, thus allowing the simultaneous carrying-out of the different processes of the project, based on the said lots. The construction works may then begin for one specific lot, while the engineering or the process of stocking another lot, for example, may get started meanwhile. Which results into a « fast-track » project execution…

The operating mode suggested here is of the « open-books » variety, that is totally transparent for and with the client, based on the methods of contract submissions set by the latter, if required.

Thanks to that mode, Shellex has been able to efficiently manage projects even of the 20-million-dollar range, yet with very minimal use of clients’ internal resources.

Shellex Construction is also a strategic platform for presenting and discussing the stakes of construction to our team of designers. The platform has greatly contributed, thus far, to the development of our expertise towards an engineering approach centered around efficient concepts. The latter allow for lowering costs, reducing delays in construction, improving quality and overall safety, as well as taking the constructibility factor into account.

Many of our resources stem from construction, as one such company.

Our Methodology 

Our management process involves breaking the project into distinct packages and carefully planning, coordinating, and communicating between teams to create and maintain project momentum. This approach offers flexibility in scheduling by staggering engineering and construction phases of each package to reduce overall project duration and costs.

The Shellex Construction platform is an instrumental tool in achieving our goals of delivering high-quality projects efficiently and sustainably. It allows us to maintain control from design to completion and ensures efficient project delivery.

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