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  • Chemical products
  • Alcohol/hard liquor
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining


  • Chemical industry
  • Alcohol/hard liquor
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Energy
  • Structural repairs
  • Structural inspection
  • Electricity
  • Structures
  • Industrial mechanics
  • Building mechanics
  • Civil engineering
  • Design-development study
  • Project- and construction management
  • Plant outsourcing
  • Requests for permits and certificates
  • Risk-management and security review
  • Automatization
  • Energy optimization


A service that ensures your success through competence, efficiency, and results

The industrial sector remains one of the company’s cornerstones.
Internal resources of our clients increasingly thinning away, having a trustworthy partner with an approach centered around competence, efficiency and results is in order.

The Shellex impact is not only about expertise, but also about our agile and collaborative approach, which we use to see projects through completion. In doing so, Shellex is able to take on a wide variety of projects, some simple and monodisciplinary, others complex and multidisciplinary and at a larger scale. Being fully equipped internally, Shellex then has all that it takes to offer a full service that is commensurate with the highest of demands and requirements.
Our goal : being your project partner!


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