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  • Cities
  • Municipalities
  • Ministries
  • Promotors
  • Developers
  • Private
  • Commercial & industrial


  • Repairs and new networks of urban infrastructures
  • Drainage and durable management of rainwater (PGO)
  • Urban development and durable mobility
  • Residential and commercial development
  • Planning for network directors and intervention plans
  • Studies and hydraulic balancing
  • Layout of park playgrounds, watergames, and sports fields
  • Commissioning of new pumping stations
  • Construction and trenchless rehabilitation of municipal infrastructures

Cities and developments

Efficient, durable, and innovating solutions to meet challenges imposed by the construction,
management and modernization of urban infrastructures

Leader in the planning, designing and carrying-out of projects

Strenghtened by its vast experience while always keeping its sights forward, the team of professional specialists in urban infrastructures at Shellex Groupe-Conseils plays a leading role in the planning, designing and carrying-out of multi-disciplinary, inclusive and innovative projects.

A collaborative approach

Through their approach, centered around communication, collaboration and efficiency, the Shellex Groupe-Conseil experts manage to develop urban infrastructures that perfectly fulfill the needs and solve constraints of its clientele, be it at the construction level and its impact on the industry, or at the operations and maintenance levels.

As far as carrying out urban infrastructure projects, Shellex Groupe-Conseil stands out with its ability to offer complete and durable solutions that also integrate the concepts of climatic changes, durable mobility and improvement of living surroundings.

The complete on-taking of projects, from design to completion, by way of administrative and contractual management and combined with the level of involvment and commitment of the team, ensures the delivery of projects that meet the highest quality standards of the industry, deadlines and budgets.

Our devoted and highly-competent team is here to help and guide you through carrying out your projects with you!


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