Water treatment and environment

Our teams are specialized in environmental characterization studies, water-processing plants,
drinking-water plants, requests to the different ministries and much more!

Sewage treatment

Our expertise in sewage treatment covers small-scale projects, such as commercial systems or isolated areas (camping sites, gas stations, restaurants, sugar shacks, etc.), as much as it does municipal systems that use up average flows varying from 35 to 20 000 m3/d.

Our field of knowledge includes many technologies of treatment, from water-infiltration to aerated-lagoon type of stations, by way of mechanized stations (flotation system, SMBR/MBBR, centrifuge, activated sludge, etc.).

Drinking-water plants

Shellex’s expertise, as far as drinking-water plants are concerned, mainly covers small municipal or commercial installations with underground- or surface-water supplies. Our field of knowledge comprises chlorination and filtration systems, UV disinfection, overpressurization, removal of iron/manganese, etc.

We also conduct studies on environmental characterization (Phase 1) and can guide you through the management of your contaminated soils. We may also assist you in forwarding your requests to the different ministries, in carrying out your projects.

Shellex has environment specialists who can assist you in your projects.



  • Cities
  • Municipalities
  • Industrial
  • Private



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