Residential Buildings: 49 Apartments in Montreal

Construction – Building – December 10, 2019

Deliverables: cost estimates, plans and specifications for construction and supervision of works.

This project included the modernization of the electromechanical systems, the upgrading of the ventilation, the replacement of the natural gas water heater with two new electric units, the design of a brand new electrical entrance for the building as well as the addition of a roof terrace and two exterior stairwells.

Individual control of the air conditioning of the apartments has been one of the design criteria from the start of the project. The most effective solution was to use multi-zone heat pumps with digital compressors. In this way, cooling is provided only when needed and the owner can monitor the energy consumption per dwelling via the building management system (BACnet).

Replacing the old natural gas water heater with two new high-efficiency electric water heaters required a new power supply to provide the required capacity.

In order to support the weight of the new roof terrace, four columns had to be installed all the way to the ground. In addition, the two new exterior stairwells required their own foundations.