Shellex Consulting Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of GCI Experts en énergie, a Sherbrooke-based company with 25 years in operation. As of June 1st, GCI Experts en énergie is officially recognized as a subsidiary of Shellex Consulting Group, Inc. This exciting announcement comes as part of the company’s recent developments, along with the inauguration of our new Beloeil offices last December and enables the firm to reach customers and professionals on the South Shore, and now in the Estrie region.

Thermal Energy and Decarbonization: An Industry-Leading Expertise

This acquisition expands the firm’s capabilities, and solidifies Shellex’s position in the energy transition market, while establishing it as a leading expert in thermal energy. From GCI’s perspective, this announcement guarantees the continuity of the company’s operations within a multidisciplinary group that shares similar values.

Through its specialized and experienced professionals, GCI Experts en énergie holds the technical skills that position us as a key player in the engineering and energy efficiency of steam generation systems as well as decarbonization in the industrial sector. By joining the Shellex group, we are gaining a solid foundation for our professional development and becoming a leader in energy transition. – Sylvain Chenail, President of GCI Experts en énergie

A Natural Transition

This partnership, initiated in 2021, was guided by teamwork and collaboration on Diageo’s Carboneutrality project. All GCI employees, including its founder, remain with the company to form the new Shellex Energy and Decarbonation Department. With this announcement, Shellex has officially launched operations in the Estrie market, catering to both prospective customers and to the skilled labour market.

Combining our complementary business strengths allows us to explore new and exciting opportunities, to tap into new growth markets, such as decarbonization, and to provide our employees with engaging and motivating challenges. “- Jean-Michel Poissant, Executive Director, and Mechanical-Processing Manager

The corporate goal is to gradually merge the two identities to leverage the advantages of a unified group. By adding this fifth point of service in the region, the company is proudly looking ahead and positioning itself for success. Throughout this transition, Shellex Consulting Group and its affiliated company maintain a commitment to providing customers with the same level of high-quality services to which customers are accustomed.

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